The Reunion

D88F0442-18FA-44A2-86EA-48941FC8CE69It’s been a while since I shared my fantasy world with you but I was on contract to write erotica professionally, so hey everyone, having a dirty mind can actually be quite lucrative! Anyway, without further adieu, here is another installment of your favorite masturbation material on the internet. 

I’d invited an old friend over for drinks one night a few weeks ago. I must admit, he is a little older than me, but he’s always been a bit of a fitness nut, so where most men have let themselves go at his age, his body is rippled and hard in all the right spots. To be completely honest, we’ve been friends since we were young and I coached him through a pretty rough divorce from the mother of his two children about six years ago.

He’s sort of been like a brother to me, apart from my “incestuous” late night masturbation sessions about him over the years, we’ve always just sort of fallen together for support when our lives turned rough. Over the past 20 years, if something was going bad with either of us, it was guaranteed there’d be phone calls exchanged, text sessions, meetings for coffee and even skype sessions filled with tears or anger. I’d been accused of being in love with him a lot when we were younger, before we each embarked on our own relationships. Of course, we spent days practically glued to one another, we exchanged secrets, held hands, hugged and when things went good, could hardly wait to talk to one another. No one could understand how two virile young    people weren’t formally dating or even fucking.

Anyway, since my latest relationship went down quicker than the titanic, I’d been craving a little male company and although, as we got older we’d stopped being so touchy-feely with one another so as not to confuse people (our spouses especially), I was really desperate for some quality cuddle time.  I worked up the courage to invite him over. You see, despite his divorce, we’d vowed to stay away from one another because of the rebound phenomenon and he didn’t want to confuse his daughters who he was working hard to raise. I have been waiting for six years for his “rebound phase” to come to an end but bless his heart, he dedicated his life to his kids and stayed away from dating. I figured, after six long years, surely a “rebound” was not possible for him because of his seeming lack of interest in another relationship. Regardless, I was nervous to see him again, my secret masturbation fantasies had never really gone away.

He arrived straight from work, his girls staying over at their mother’s for the weekend, he smiled brightly as I opened the door brandishing an array of  wines in a  small wooden crate, “Hi, honey, I’m home!” he joked. I laughed at him and tilted my head to the crate, “Well, well, well, what wicked plans have you?” He replied, “You and I are adults. Adults get to share wine by the bottle, besides, you and I have not done a Wino night since we were, what? In our 30s?” I laughed and gestured for him to come in, saying, “You mean YOU were in your 30s? Ahem, I believe I was still in my 20s…six years apart remember?” He clanked the crate on the floor, stood up, wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me close and pecked me on the cheek. “You’re still looking good for an old broad though.” It was obvious that our touchy-feely was back in vogue. I mock pushed him and then wrapped my arms around his neck, whispering in his ear, “I missed you.” I definitely was not fantasizing the brief slide down my back and lightly over my butt that his hand did. I could feel my breath catch and certain intimate muscles tighten.

We settled into a calmer, more platonic mode, catching up on the weeks goings-on, sharing some snacks and sipping our wine in my livingroom. Halfway through the evening, after a few glasses of wine, a lot of laughter and just a few suspicious staring sessions, I was really starting to feel loose and brave. I asked him about his dating status, whether he’d “cured” the rebound curse yet by sleeping with someone. He tossed his head back and laughed, “I don’t think it’s a curse! Besides, I’m an adult, a mature fully grown and knowledgeable male specimen. I don’t believe in the rebound effect, it’s an urban myth.” I smiled at him, “Really,” I teased, “So, how many, how often and when was your last one?” He laughed again, “No, no, seriously, I think I’m way more mature than that, besides, I’m not looking for another relationship, I’ve got all the love I need at home with my girls.” I smiled admiringly back at him, “You’re a special one then.” He tilted his glass at me and gulped it back.

After at least two bottles of wine, my emotions started to come forth. I started talking freely about how I needed to be held, so he sat back into the couch, opened up his arms and invited me in. I snuggled under his strong muscled arm and placed my hand against his rock hard chest. I closed my eyes and could hear his heart beating. It was like when we were kids all over again, except, this time we were both pretty drunk. He started to absently play with my hair. “How long has it been since you broke up with Brian?” I sighed, “Over a year now.  I tell you, sometimes I just crave human contact. It’s like an addiction…” He started running his hand up and down my arm, “I know what you mean,  sometimes I get that too, like I just want to go into the street and have wild sex with the next woman that appears to me.” I laughed and softly slapped his chest, “I’m only a year in, you’re SIX YEARS! You’re practically a priest now! How do you do it?” He started rubbing his hand vigorously up and down my arm. I roared with laughter, burying my face into his chest. He wrapped his arm tightly around me, holding me against him. We were both still laughing when his hand slipped down again and rested on my hip. I looked up at his face and I felt his hand tighten on my hip, giving just the edge of my ass a squeeze.

We held each other’s gaze. He shifted his weight, opening his legs just slightly. I could feel myself getting rapidly turned on.  My nipples were hardening beneath my blouse. His hand tightened again, his fingers digging in then sliding toward my ass. I moved my leg up on his to give him better reach. His breathing quickened. I didn’t say anything for fear of snapping him out of this. I let my hand slide from his chest to his abs, just above his belt, he raised his hips to meet my touch. His hand was now mounding my ass cheek and my pussy was getting moist with each massage. My skin was hot and I wanted nothing more than to just strip the clothing from my body but part of me was still afraid to scare him off, after all, we’d never really done anything remotely like this.

His other hand found it’s way from the armrest to my chest. His touch was tentative at first, like a child touching his first boob, he sort of cupped it then dropped it. I smiled coyly at him and a smile spread across his face. I felt his hand come back and give my ample clothed breast a firm squeeze. I pushed my chest into his hand and that was when he moved to kiss me. I practically attacked his mouth with mine, I was so hungry for that kiss. As soon as our tongues met, I could feel my pussy start to quiver with anticipation of what was inevitably coming. My hand slid over his belt and down to his now rock hard cock straining against the front of his pants.  He began to grind his cock up into my hand, moaning into my mouth.

His cock felt so enormous beneath his jeans my pussy was literally aching with lust. I grabbed and squeezed it through his pants as he moaned and closed his eyes. “Mmmmm, fuck…” he whispered.

My pussy was quickly soaking my panties and my skin was so hot I wanted to tear my clothing from my body.  I hiked my shirt up and on cue, he shifted and pulled it up over my head. His lips were on the bare skin of my shoulder in a second, gently kissing and tonguing my heat.

He pushed me back onto the couch and my skirt bunched up around my waist exposing my soaking panties. I lifted one leg and rested it on the back of the couch, opening myself up wide to him.

He paused and stared down between my legs almost lost in awe for a moment before he reached and ran his fingers upwards along my covered slit.

I threw my head back and moaned, hands reaching out to pull him to me. He resisted, quickly stood and pulled off his jeans and underwear in one fell swoop.

The tip of his gorgeous rock hard cock was glistening and I reached up to touch it but he quickly pulled away and reached down to rip my panties to the side, sliding a finger deep into my hot slit.

I was caught of guard again and threw my head back in surprise crying out. God he was good at this. My hips bucked upward as he drove his finger madly in and out of me, adding another and another finger until my tightness couldn’t take any more.

He reached up with his other hand and began squeezing my breasts, tweaking my nipples between his fingers and driving me completely wild.

I was reaching desperately for his cock, but he was purposely keeping it from me. I could see it bobbing, thick and rock hard as his pre cum dropped from the end.

When I thought I couldn’t take it any more he suddenly pulled his fingers from me, straddled me and pulling my underwear to the side, plunged his thick cock in with such force it knocked the breath from my lungs in a loud cry!

He seemed to love my reaction because he paused inside me as deep as he could, squeezing his butt forward pushing every possible inch into me. I was in heaven!

His cock was thicker than any I’d had before, it filled me so much I could feel my vaginal walls stretching around to accommodate it. I was able to catch my breath and I opened my eyes to look up at him. He was smiling down at me devilishly.

“I’ve wanted to feel this pussy for so fucking long.” He grinned. I was still so lost in the shock of his penetration that I simply moaned breathlessly, “Uhhhh, mmmm, fuck yes, fuck me!”

He didn’t need more than that, he promptly started pumping me, whispering how good I felt on his cock, how pretty I was and how he’d wanted to fuck me for all those years.

I let him rock in and out of me, thrusting deep into me as I struggled to keep up with his rythym. “Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!” Was all I could manage as he fucked me relentlessly.

I could feel my orgasm rising, I panted loudly, my pussy became hotter than I’d ever felt it, all of my muscles began to tighten and I started to gasp as an unimaginable wave of ecstasy began to wash over my body. I could feel my love canal start to rhythmically squeeze his thick member buried deep inside of me. My mind felt like it was exploding and I had this sensation of floating as I thrust my head back and forth crying out in shrieks.

“Ohhh yesssss! Oh baby, cum! Ahhhh, cum on my hard cock! Oh shit, so fucking tight!” He practically shouted as I squeezed and massaged his cock with each wave of my thundering climax.

He didn’t wait for me to finish, he was too turned on by witnessing my mindblowing orgasm. He pumped me hard and fast as my pussy tried to hold him inside.

He was grunting audibly now, his face full red as he moaned and groaned barely audible words, “Fuck…so good…love it…need you…so long…ahhhhh…CUMMMMM!!!!”

I could feel his cock start to twitch and pulse as he drove its full length deep into me burying it to the balls. He held me tight, flooding my pussy so full I could feel it spilling down and across my tight little asshole.

I moaned my appreciation, “Yessss! Oh babe, oh yesss, give me your cum, mmmm, I love it, fill my pussy!”

He collapsed on top of me muttering in my ear how he’d always loved me, always wanted me, he’d always thought I was so sexy and how it’s been so long for him.

He was totally expended and I held him, softly kissing his head as his cock began to soften up inside me. This was the most mind blowing fuck I’d had in my entire life and I thought to myself,

“I could’ve been having this for the past 20 years!!! I’ll be damned if I let him get away!”


My Gift

I was thinking about a time when I was young, longing to know what it felt like to really be a woman. Falling asleep at night dreaming about my prince charming, how different he was from fantasy to fantasy, soft and gentle, rough and passionate; his face different every single time but his attributes always enough to fulfill any desire.

Many nights were spent passionately tonguing my pillows, hands sliding up and down my body, caressing skin that tingled, nipples becoming rigid, covered in dew, fingers exploring folds of soft silken tenderness that quickly became wet with sticky desire. On those rare nights when I felt compelled, I would fashion a makeshift phallus in an innocent attempt to simulate the real thing. I loved the pressure against my bare virginal mound, my imagination filling in the details, my hips straining to envelope it, my nectar delicately coating it, making it slip gently along my sweet untouched folds.  The desire rising with every scene playing out in my mind, my hands pressing down harder and harder on simulated manhood, legs opening on instinct to accommodate the interfering body; a distinct stretching of my entrance as it slipped naturally into the crevice designed to take its key. Hands pushing, pushing, pushing needing more and more inside of me, legs spreading wider and wider as hips grind against a tingling rising and rising inside of me with each partial penetration.

Inside my mind I picture a thick manhood, struggling to take my virginity, pushing my entrance open wider and wider with each delicious inch that sinks inside as the strokes become longer, the kisses more passionate, his urgency rising, wanting to plunge deep into my unexplored innocence and make me his woman, his baby, his prize.

Soft moans escaping in the darkness, sounds of wetness, break the night. My imaginary prince is above me, gazing down, moaning his appreciation for my gift, his eyes filled with wanton desire, his skin bathed in beads of delicious sweat as he strains to open my tightness.  At last he succeeds and I wince at the sudden pain of his entry. He holds himself there, reveling in the wonder of what he’s accomplished with me. I feel him filling me inside, warm, thick, tight, a pressure I’ve never experienced; a wonderful sensation that defies words, two bodies linked in passion. He softly kisses my nose and begins to rock backward, pulling himself from my depths, the sensation is inexplicable, the sound is of our wetness letting go, it drives my desire higher and I don’t want him to recede, so I buck my hips upward, trying in vain to keep him deep inside. He giggles and kisses me again, this time shifting his weight back down upon me, his phallus pushing into me again, spreading the soft folds apart once again, stretching me and driving me insane.

His pace increases, his eyes go hazy, his moans become louder and I know he is lost in the sensation of me. It is me who is making him wild with sexual passion. In these moments I am no child, no innocent, I am his Queen. I feel my breasts heaving with each thrust now, my body is at his command, the sounds of our wetness reverberate off the walls and I feel a heat deep inside of me rising, spreading  outward toward every exit. I give myself over to him wholly. He continues his assault of my nether regions, relentless now, his manhood thicker as he moans and whispers incoherently. I give in to the passion that is exploding within me it spreads outward like lightning, touching every nerve, my vaginal walls begin to spasm and I begin to massage his manhood unconsciously. I cannot breathe. I go limp as he continues pulsing my body under his strength, the breath knocked from my body with each hammer and I cry out but he cannot hear me; he is on a separate plane.

I hear his breath labored above me, his moans now louder and louder, his thrusting deeper and more urgent as he drills the innocence from me and in an impassioned growl, he lets loose his warm and flooding seed deep within my womanly prize. He trembles and thrusts, groaning and murmuring ensuring each drop is expended far inside of me. I feel his manhood twitch and pulse, warm with each flood he releases into me. His tongue finds mine, he struggles for breath, he clenches his buttocks and pushes as far into me as he can before his muscles give in to the wave of expulsion rushing through him. He collapses on top of me, fully expended, mouth softly kissing my flesh as he whispers his appreciation for my most wonderful of gifts.


Getting down & dirty

I ran into an old flame from high school recently…at least he was a flame in my heart but like every high school shy girl I never had the courage to approach him, let alone say Hello! Instead I’d turn into a giggling lunatic whenever he’d walk by and I would hardly be able to breathe if our eyes met.

It turns out that we actually have a mutual acquaintance, and he felt he had to come see me when he found out about my misfortune. He knocked on my door, I opened it to this dashingly handsome man with short greying hair, sparkling blue eyes that seemed to tease from the outset and a strikingly chiseled jaw line. I was immediately turned into a bashful stammering teenager.

“Uh, ummm, hello…ahhh, c-c-can I help you?” My face flushed bright red as I stood mesmerized by those eyes, I’d only ever known one person with those eyes in my whole life and it was Peter Moren from high school, but this fine specimen of man standing before me could not be him, he lived hours away.

He smiled up at me, his eyes sparkled like two oceans, “Hi, Jen? Jen Wilde?” I hadn’t heard my maiden name in years. He held out an offering of beautiful flowers, “Ummm, not sure if you’d remember me, it’s been so long, Pete, Pete Moren from St. Luke’s?”

My heart fell into my shoes and my mind soared, it really was him! I strood there frozen, just staring at him red faced not knowing what to say. My chest felt tight, I felt giddy as I stupidly grinned at him. His face went red too and he looked at his shoes, stammering, “Uh, I wasn’t sure if I had the right house, I know Natalie, she told me what happened…I figured you could use a friend?…umm, I can come back if it’s not a good time?”

I gave my head a shake and remembered I was a grown and self sufficient woman. “Oh, no, no, it’s fine. Come in. I just never expected I’d ever run into you again. Wow, here you are! Of course I remember you!”

Yes, there were plenty of nighttime sticky fingered fantasies about Pete let me tell you! Even long into adulthood I would conjure up a memory of those eyes and his smooth as silk voice whispering nasty sexual things in my mind. Here he was showing up at my door in the flesh some 25 years later!

We sat at my kitchen table in all honesty having the first real conversation of our lives. He was a project manager for a large construction firm and had just recently moved to my town. He lost his wife and child to a car accident 5 years previous and said he knew what I was going through. I invited him to stay for dinner, which eventually led to drinks and that bottled courage releasing the truth.

He said he’d had eyes for me when we were in highschool but was never sure if I was at all into him because I seemed to avoid him each time he tried to catch my eye. I laughed and admitted that I’d been way too afraid of how I felt when I looked at him or came anywhere near him, I’d always felt faint. I also admitted that I had the biggest crush on him but always felt I wasn’t  pretty enough for him.

The wine made him very bold as he leaned forward, wrapped his arm around my waist and said in a low husky voice, “You were pretty enough for me, you still are.” I almost fainted, I felt like all the blood rushed out of my brain! I smiled at him, unsure of whether to kiss him or push him away but he made the decision for us both as he looked me in the eyes and brought his lips gently to mine.

I let him kiss me, softly at first then I felt my pulse increase and I kissed him back, slowly wrapping my arms around his neck. We pressed our lips together, as if wrestling in some manner until I felt his lips part and his tongue slide between mine. I softly opened my mouth to greet his tongue and I could hear his breathing quicken.

We began to kiss passionately and something in my brain told me I should back off, but I silenced it by recalling one of my early Pete fantasies. He pulled me up onto his lap and I straddled him as he leaned back into the couch. His hands wandered across my ass, up my back and eventually along my sides toward my breasts. I could feel his growing erection pressing against me.

He was panting with lust as I leaned back slightly and pulled my shirt off exposing my ample breasts clad only in a thin mesh bra. My nipples strained against the material. His hands went immediately to my tits, his thumbs brushing over my nipples making them stand at attention. My long hair spilled down my back as I leaned backward, grinding my ever increasing heat against his rapidly growing bulge.

I could feel my pussy beginning to dribble, soaking my thin panties. I wanted this man like this since I’d hit puberty! He slid his hands around and expertly released my bra bringing it forward and sliding it from me. I smiled down at him sensually and he sighed whispering, “Mmmm beautiful”

He leaned forward burying his face between my tits, his tongue darting out and licking my hot tender flesh. I moaned at the sensation and leaned forward groaning, “Mmmm, Pete” lustily in his ear. His hands slid down and helped me grind against the generous bulge in his pants. I could feel his hips thrusting upward rocking me in his lap.

He slid his hands up my back gently pulling down on my hair as I pulled his shirt from him and began running my hands across his chest, touching his nipples and smiling lustily at him. His hands quickly went to the waist band of my jeans and he had them unbuttoned in no time flat, slowly opening them and running his fingers on the exposed flesh above my g-string. I reached underneath me and grabbed his hardness through his jeans and gave it a nice squeeze.

He practically threw me to my feet, pulling at my jeans to get them off, so I stepped back, turned away from him and bent forward to slowly slide them down with my round ass in his face. His hands were on my ass immediately and I felt him softly place a kiss on each cheek as he ran his fingers up and down both thighs, pushing them between toward his prize. My panties were soaked through.

I stood up turning to face him and smiled shyly down at him, he groaned and quickly worked his jeans off exposing a thick bulge in his grey briefs. I reached out to stroke it and stopped him as he tried to pull his underwear off, that was my job!

I got to my knees in front of him and fondled his erection through his briefs, then slowly lowered the waistband causing his cock to spring out at me. He lifted his hips so I could free him completely. I smiled up at him as I reached out and took his beautiful silken cock in my hands. He sighed and stroked my arms as I ran my fingers over his hard but silky head, then down over the soft protruding veins of his shaft right to the base, then gently slid my fingers over his balls.

He groaned as I fondled them and his cock bobbed and swayed in appreciation. He opened his legs wider to give me greater access to his now hard balls. I continued running my nails softly over them as I leaned forward and touched the head of his cock with my tongue. His hands went instinctively to the back of my head trying to force me down onto his cock, his hips thrust upward but I resisted and kept just my tongue on the head, swirling it around, tasting the salty sticky precum he was now oozing for me. I let my tongue glide over the ridge and wrapped my lips around just the head of his cock, sucking gently. I heard him pant lowly, “Ohhh fuck yeah.” and his pressure on the back of my head increased again. I was driving him mad.

I opened my mouth wide and began to slide down his shaft enveloping inches of him into me. I heard him groan again and he eased up pushing on my head as he leaned back into the couch again. I slid his now sticky wet cock out of my mouth slowly working my way up and then, trying to relax my jaw more, slid down again determined to take his entire girth. Alas he was too large and I gagged, having to pull up for air.

I looked up at him smiling devilishly down at me now. He reached and pulled me up, sending his tongue deep into my mouth as his fingers found the band of my panties and slid them from me. I felt his fingers sliding up the front of my thighs then one hand slid toward my ass caressing my cheek as the other slid across the front of my now bare mound. He pulled me a step closer, turning me slightly to the side as he plunged a finger deep down between my ass cheeks toward my slick hot hole. I pushed backward trying to make it easier for him to penetrate me. His other hand meanwhile was running over my outer lips. I was fully standing now as he leaned forward lost in some other world staring lustfully at my clean shaven pussy.

His tongue darted out and he pulled my hips toward him. I just loved how he was ever so gently manhandling me. His tongue slid across my outer lips and I put a hand on his head as I moaned. He held my hips now and I could feel his hot breath on my sopping wet pussy. He slowly pushed his tongue in, spreading my lips and tasting my nectar. I felt his tongue flick over my clit as he swept it along the length of my opening. I shuddered and hissed in pleasure.

He moved closer still to me and I opened my legs giving him a better view. He began to hungrily lap at the juices now steadily flowing from me and he gently inserted a finger into my now twitching with desire pussy. My breath caught and I moaned his name, “Peeeeete, ahhhh”

He began working his finger into me slowly as his tongue danced circles on my clit. My hips rocked with every thrust. He slid another finger in opening me wider and I could feel my knees getting weak.

I was panting and moaning as he worked me over so expertly then just as I could feel my climax starting to build he pulled his fingers from me, leaned back into the couch again and said in a lusty voice, “I need you.”

His cock swayed in anticipation as if inviting me for the ride of my life. It glistened with the shine of his precum dribbling over the head.  I crawled up onto him, making sure my tits were burying his face and maneuvered his thick cock to my quivering opening. I slowly lowered myself down feeling the stretch of my inner lips as the girth of his cock head invaded me. I felt my pussy wrap perfectly around his member as it pushed further up into me inch by glorious inch.

His arms were around my hips pulling me down onto him and he was groaning into my tits, “Ohhh yeah.” I strained to sink down to his balls, having to take each inch slowly and carefully. I heard him moan, “So tight, mmm.”

When he was fully inside me I had to resist the urge to just start pumping up and down on his piston, the urge to just fuck his brains out was so strong. I stayed there with him fully inside me not moving and he looked up at me and moaned, “Ohhh it’s been so fucking long, I need to fuck you.” He pushed his hips up and I could feel his balls press against me, I’m sure he would have put them in me if he could have.

I raised myself slowly up his shaft savoring the sensation of my flesh releasing him, then he grabbed my hips and pulled me back down onto his cock hard. I loved it! He slammed into me a few more times before I was lost to the lust and I began wantonly bouncing up and down on his rigid pole hearing our stickiness as our bodies slammed together with pure abandon.

I was riding his cock so hard, tossing my hair, my tits bouncing as I cried out in pleasure at each magnificent thrust. He was lost mumbling things incoherently at times, shouting my name, fuck, or tight as loud as he could as we fucked.

Eventually I began to feel that growing sensation building deep inside of me, the tingling that starts to rush through your body, your skin getting hotter, your sweat  standing out in beads, every sensation heightened. I began to cry out, “Oh, Oh, Ohhh !” And he knew I was getting close. He slowed my bouncing and began rocking my hips sliding his cock in and out, grinding his cock into me. I let out a low growl as my pussy began to spasm over his cock, he kept thrusting into me as I shook; short hard thrusts and he started to groan. I felt his cock get rock hard and then he pushed his hips upward as hard as he could groaning and howling, “Uhhhh, YESSS!”

My pussy was spasming around his quivering cock that was shooting load after load of his thick delicious cum deep into my womb. My muscles milked every last drop from him as we both collapsed there on my couch completely spent and exhausted.

After a few minutes his cock slipped from me and I could feel his cum spilling down onto the cushions. He looked up at me and we giggled. He gave me a deep long kiss and said, “I haven’t had sex since my wife died.” I smiled down at him and lied, “I haven’t had sex in 5 months.” He got this wistful look on his face and said, “I knew you’d need me.”



Perry lust times

So my husbands coworker has been a godsend. I was teasing him mercilessly for weeks, but it wasn’t like he was completely innocent either, caring pets, hand on my knee, staying over on my couch always playing the gentleman.

I invited him over for dinner and some wine, I wore a shorter than normal skirt sans panties, he got very touchy and I didn’t mind at all. I turned on some music and we danced in my living room, it got close and sensual. His hands wandered toward my ass, I nuzzled his neck purring at him. He pulled me against him and I felt his excitement press into me. I cooed in his ear and he softly kissed my neck.

His hands kept massaging my ass pulling me repeatedly up against his growing bulge. I was so desperate for a real cock that I wanted to just rip his zipper down and stuff it inside me! I was also very curious to see what it looked like because it was not small…or medium for that matter.

His heat rose and his breathing quickened the more he ground his pelvis into me. He whispered that he found me attractive and I cooed encouragement as I pressed my hard nipples against his chest. I knew that night was going to be it.

The music continued as he looked down at me and came in for our first real kiss. His breath was hot and my pussy watered as his tongue snaked it’s way into my mouth. Mmmmm I’ve never wanted anyone as badly as this before.

In seconds we were hungrily devouring each other, tongues wrestling and increasing our heat.

As I broke the kiss to come up for air his tongue slithered down my neck toward my cleavage and I leaned back to give him full access. His hot rough tongue slithered down between my tits and a soft moan escaped my lips. I was wearing a low cut blouse and a perfect shelf bra to really get the girls out there and he was all over it.

My hand made its way down to his crotch and for the first time I got to actually feel his more than adequate  manhood beneath my fingers. It was thick, so thick it filled my palm completely. I felt the heat rise between my legs as I got a nice grip on it and began to rub it through his pants as he continued burying his tongue between my tits.

His hands were now inching my skirt up over my bare ass and I heard his moan of approval when he discovered my lack of underwear. He quickly slipped a finger between my legs from behind and I almost cried out. I bucked my hips against it trying to force it into my hole.

He stroked my pussy all around my opening making me squeeze his cock harder and then he panted, “Oh I need to fuck you!”

I pushed him backward toward the couch as he undid his pants and pulled out the thickest cock I have ever laid eyes on. It had to be at least two full inches thick at the head and it bobbed its approval as I pulled off my shirt. The head was purple and shiny with his precum. I could feel my wetness dripping down the insides of my thighs.

His hands reached out as I approached him and he pulled my skirt up around my waist whispering, “Ohhh let me see that pussy. I want to watch my cock sink into you.”

That was all the invitation I needed. I straddled his lap and reached down to position that monster sized cock at the entrance to my canal. It was so big I had to go slowly taking only a fraction at a time and giving my pussy time to stretch to accommodate him. He moaned and held my hips saying, “Ahhh yeah, take it baby. Oh you’re so tight, I just want to force it inside you.”

I wanted more than anything to just impale myself on it too but I was honestly afraid it would hurt. Instead I took a bit at a time, allowed my pussy to relax around it and then slowly raised myself up gradually fucking him inch by inch. When he was finally fully inside me he held my hips and stayed there moaning about how good it felt.

He eventually started slowly bouncing me, the sensation of that huge cock inside me was amazing, I could feel every ridge on his cock as it slipped out of me and then every muscle stretch again as he slid back up into me.

We started working up our rhythm and in no time it was like I’d always been fucking this monster. I put my arms on his shoulders as I bounced frantically on that amazing pole; my tits swaying in his face as he groaned enjoying the view and the sensation of my pussy massaging his cock.

I rode him like my life depended on it and then I felt my climax starting to build. I bounced frantically then, fucking him with wanton abandon wanting so badly to have my pussy grip and clench all around that delicious manhood.

He threw his head back groaning then but I needed to cum and I knew he wasn’t going to be far behind me so I continued fucking him hard, slamming down onto his cock and moaning about how good he was, how huge he was.

In no time I felt the wave start to wash over me, my pussy felt like all the muscles let loose as the electric tremors began to spasm through me. I cried out, “Ohhhhh!!!” At the top of my lungs as he continued pumping short bursts into me, then he too threw his head back and buried his cock as far into me as it would go.

I could feel his cock begin to spasm and release spurt after warm spurt of creamy cum up into my still spasming pussy. My muscles milked him for every drop of cum as we both panted and shook with our climaxes.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me close with his cock still inside me as we both began to settle into our post coital bliss. We kissed deeply and he thanked me for the most amazing sex he’d ever had.

He is fucking amazing. He spends at least two nights a week with me now. Mmmmm, my pussy is happy again!


Whore Mourning

So my husband was shot to death in a drive by near where he works three months ago. He apparently got caught in the crossfire of two gangs as he walked from the parking structure to his office building. Life has been pretty ridiculous for me, who wants to deal with a whore in mourning, right?

Mike couldn’t take it, the man who’d been begging me to leave my husband for him ran screaming the other way when I suddenly became the prize he’d been dreaming of. I guess I was a better lay when I was “forbidden”.  My “friends” from the clubs we’d gone to suggest I stay away from the scene “until I get my head back on straight” and I’m not so “emotionally raw.” Again, I guess it would be the end of the world if I were to fall in love with a fuck buddy.

So needless to say, I’ve been horribly conflicted over the past few months. His family has been great to me, very supportive, his coworkers have been wonderful, dropping in to make sure I have meals, just sitting and sharing stories of him and giving me a shoulder to cry on. And yes, I am crying. Our sex life may have been the pits and yes, I was whoring around on him behind his back but I loved our life together, I loved the stability of it and the fact that he was always that home comfort zone for me. We loved each other once and sadly, this  is what is really bothering me now. We were living in a fantasy of what we thought we should have been – dedicated to each other in the bonds of marriage despite everything.

You know, when you die, your secrets come out. They come out because no one comes up to you a day before and says to you, “Hey, you’re gonna die tomorrow, you better clean up that shit hiding in your closet.” You know, like a shoebox filled with other women’s used underwear. Pictures of him having sex with other women who were not me and one I know for a fact was his 40th birthday party that I’d thrown for him. So why were we not having sex and why was he so disinterested in me these past 10 years?  He was getting his knob serviced elsewhere!

Okay, so guys, listen up real carefully here, if you have secret videos you’ve taken or have hidden on your computer that you like to sneak peeks at once in a while, just delete them now, regardless of how attached you are to them or how aroused they still get you, just erase them because you could be dead before your next breath and your wife, girlfriend, or lord knows, your mother, may find them on your computer. My loving frigid and prude husband had videos of women, real women not porn stars, masturbating on his computer and saying his name as they shoved dildos of varying sizes and colors into their pussies.  Worse yet, there is a night cam video of him in a parking lot shoving his bare cock into the jizz covered pussy of some woman spread eagle on the hood of her car.

So what in hell was wrong with me??? I would have happily spread my pussy for him and shared it with others if that’s what he really wanted to see. I would have been so adventurous with him if only I’d known that he was actually into that kind of thing, or things because I am now only seeing snippets of this double life he was leading. Here in this house he was the guy who read the stock reports every morning over my dutiful housewife’s bacon and egg breakfast.  He was the guy who worked late nights and came in mentally exhausted over audits and paperwork and business dealings so promptly fell asleep and rarely touched me. He was the guy who didn’t like even the mention of porn of jokes of a sexual nature. He was this straight laced, god fearing, boy scout who closed his eyes and would not fondle or caress me while we had sex. God knows, he was not the guy in that video that was commenting on some stranger’s “juicy pussy” and wanting to “fuck you until I cum all over you.” I wanted to be fucked and cummed all over too!

So it’s been three months. My head was in a cloud for two of those and it’s now just starting to come back to earth as I find all of this and wonder who in hell I can confess this all too. He has this hunky coworker who I’d never met before he died. He’s been a real peach, calling, dropping off coffee on his way to work, texting me during the day to check on me, bringing by meals and sharing them with me. Just yesterday I was upset after having found the videos and I was trying to have a straight conversation with him, his name is Perry, and I just burst into tears. I haven’t really broken down in front of anyone so far and here I am lost in some twirling secret that I can’t tell anyone and it all just caught up with me. In a second this man was on his feet and cradling me in his arms. He’s a little taller than me and he’s muscular, so my head fit perfectly into his shoulder.

Okay, my whore training kicked in and quite frankly, despite being upset, I was also a little aroused by him being so close to me. I know he’s likely been fishing for this very moment from the start, let me tell you, I’ve heard the stories about lonely women being taken advantage of…and again, it’s been so long for me, I’ve been craving cock, however wrong that sounds in these horrible months since I lost my husband, it is true. It’s almost like I need it to comfort me. I just let him hold me and caress my arms and kiss the top of my head, while inside I just wanted to rip my panties off, wrap my legs around him and ride his hard cock until he shot his sweet cum all over my body. I kept picturing my husband pushing his hard cock  up against this strange cum coated pussy and then watching it disappear into her as she moaned and told him how good he felt. I needed a cock.

Sadly, I did not get that cock last night. Instead what I got was a confession that Perry knew about my husbands cheating ways. Perry assumed he was easing the pain of my loss by telling me and was shocked when I told him I’d found the videos and I was crying only partly because I missed my husband but more so because I could not tell anyone. He let the flood gates open. We talked long into the night. He stayed over, he was a gentleman and he stayed on the couch, even after some wine and my admitting that I’d been cheating too! I went to bed kind of disappointed and ended up using my dildo to satisfy my need – and wow, my pussy was more than ready for it. I know this guy is interested though because when he kissed me goodnight, on the top of my head again, I glanced down and saw a distinct bulge in his trousers. What living man wouldn’t after the things we’d been talking about!?

I think this is going to happen. He’s coming over again tonight…maybe he’ll be cumming over me….


Warm Weather Hike.

So as spring started to bud to life, Mike decided that we were to return to our little public escapades – oh and my hubby was getting annoyed with me out “partying” with Mike every weekend and acting like a teenager again, so we had to cut back on the club scene. Boy, those were some wild nights.

So I joined a hiking group, all women and they hike in a local forest preserve not too far from my home. They’re all pretty dowdy, your typical holier than thou soccer mom types but I was able to fake it for a few days before I completely blew them off and went hiking on my own. I didn’t tell hubby that I’ve stopped hiking with the ladies, instead I told Mike that this was a great place to see together – hubby has never been an athletic type.

The first day I left the hiking group I had to hike to the top of a ridge before I could use my cell phone, yeah, it’s that bad out there. Anyway, I called up Mike who was in his office bored working on some construction project plan or another and he came out to meet up with me. It was all so innocent for the most part that I thought he wasn’t in any mood to get nasty in the woods with me. We hiked a good two miles in before he started joking around and pawing at me.  He would reach over and pinch my bottom in my tight leggings and I would pretend to run away so he could chase me.

Eventually he caught me and pulled me to him in a strong and passionate kiss. His hands found my ass and he started to massage my cheeks through the thin spandex, pulling my hips to his so I could feel his hard cock through his pants straining toward my pussy. I rubbed my pussy up against his hardness as my excitement grew and grew. My body temperature started to spike and I was panting in anticipation of feeling his hard cock inside of me again.  But then we were interrupted by laughter and the sound of voices as a group of hikers made their way along the path toward us.

Mike immediately stood behind me, embarrassed that we’d almost gotten caught but I was excited, I mean, it wasn’t like we hadn’t done it in front of people before. After the last of the group passed,  I turned and playfully swatted him in the chest, “You didn’t want to put on a show?” He growled at me and pretended to bite my neck but then he looked at me and said seriously, “You know hikers are a different type of person, socially responsible, we could seriously get in trouble out here if anyone caught us.” I just laughed at him. “People do it all the time, hikers especially! When I was a kid hiking with my Dad, I was dawdling one day and came across this couple just wildly going at it in the woods just off the path. When my Dad came back to look for me  he immediately put a hand over my eyes and led me away!”

Mike immediately grabbed me and pulled me into a stand of small cedar trees just off the path. Before I could  figure out what he wanted, I was bent over holding onto a tree trunk as he pulled down my leggings and pressed his now free cock against me. He rubbed it up against my wet slit and I giggled and moaned. “Mmm, I’m going to fuck you right here and I don’t care if more people come by.” I spread my legs a little to steady myself. He rubbed the head of his cock against me making it nice and wet with my juices before he reached forward, putting a hand on my shoulder to steady me, he thrust hard into my pussy. I closed my eyes and grunted as he invaded me with little warning. Just as he began to slide his cock in and out of me I could hear more voices, a lot of voices.

It seems there was a college group on a hike for some environmental class and as it turned out, they were interested in learning about how cedar trees grow. So here we are nicely hidden in this dense stand of cedars with a view through the branches of the pathway and the group but none of them can see us. I could feel Mike double the speed of his thrusts, this near discovery of our animal coupling in the woods really turned him on. I had to keep myself from moaning or crying out.

The college kids were given instruction to find and label different parts of the trees and off they spread into the woods on the other side of the path – all except one. He was a young guy of about maybe 20 years old.  He picked his way through the woods just east of us! I remember trying to get Mike to stop but he wouldn’t and soon enough, this young guy looked over in our direction and just froze. I’m sure Mike must have had a shit eating grin on his face as he humped me like a madman while this young kid stood there stunned at what he was seeing.

I don’t know what came over me, I guess I felt like I was in the sex club again with this extra pair of eyes on me, so I just licked my lips and smiled directly at the kid. His face went red but his hand went almost instinctively to his crotch. Mike whispered to me, “He likes what he sees.” So I closed my eyes and began thrusting back against Mike’s cock. I reached up and lowered the zipper of my jacket giving him a nice view of my melons swinging beneath my low cut tank top. I could see him as if in a trance, squeezing and massaging his cock in his pants, the bulge looked huge, just thinking about it made me hornier and I began slamming against Mike’s cock.

I reached up and pulled my tits out of my top and that was enough for this young lad to want to see more. He looked carefully around and then made his way closer to us, looking cautiously at Mike as he came closer. It was like luring in a scared deer. When he was just on the other side of the tree I was up against he reached in and pulled out his cock. Wow, I’d forgotten what ripe hard young cock looked like. He was very nearly 9 inches long and hard as a rock. A moan escaped my mouth when I caught sight of his cock. He stood there stroking his cock and watching us as I reached up and played with my tits for him.

Mike must have motioned him closer because he came  up beside me against the tree and I reached out for his cock. I swear this kid almost fainted when I took his cock in my hand. I stroked his full length from the tip down to his balls and he reached under and ran his hands all over my tits, squeezing my nipples and making me moan. I couldn’t stand it anymore I just had to have that young cock in my mouth. I turned my head and took his head into my mouth and he moaned so much that Mike had to warn him to shhhhh.

His cock was glorious in my mouth. He had a nice ridge running the length that curved around underneath. Within a minute he was holding the sides of my head and pumping his cock between my lips. Mmmmm, his meat was so young and so hard under my tongue but having him in my mouth was not enough, I wanted this young stud in my pussy. So I pulled away from Mike and he knew immediately what I wanted. He took his own cock in his hand and began to stroke it while I stood up and wrapped my arms around this kid, kissing him deeply and letting my tongue dance in his mouth. I leaned back against the trunk of the cedar and pulled him to me. He was eager that’s for sure, he nudged my legs apart and poked his cock between my legs without any prompting.

I felt it touch me, it was so hard and so big, I practically dripped juices down my leg.My pussy strained to have it inside of me but this kid teased me a little by wiggling his hips and letting his cock tease my entrance. I bent my knees  trying to take him in so he leaned forward and began to kiss me passionately as he pressed his hips upward and his nice young cock slid inside my love hole. Mmmm he was long! I loved it. He started slow at first but soon was fucking me hard and rough against that tree panting into my shoulder and  biting down to stop from groaning. He whispered “fuck” with every thrust into me and I held onto his hips as he rode me. Mike was watching me in pure ecstasy and stoking his own cock as I got fucked by this young unknown stud in the middle of the woods.

I could feel his cock get harder and I whispered to him to just hold on, I was going to cum but that was enough to send him over the edge, he began taking sharp hard thrusts and burying his face into my shoulder as he released his cum deep inside of me. His short pelvic thrusts and knowing that he was releasing his steaming cum inside of me was more than enough to send my pussy into spasm around his cock which was still rock hard up inside of me even after exploding into me. Mike started to pump white jets of sperm from his cock just watching my face contort into the most amazing orgasm I’d had in a long while. Mmmm the kid had a lot of cum!

He pulled out and kissed me and without a word, he tucked his cock back into his pants and made his way again into the woods to rejoin his class. Mike and I stayed hidden until they were all gone but that was the very first time I’ve ever been fucked by a young stud of a cock other than when my husband was that age!


A Hot Swing

Okay, so having a side dish can get extremely complicated at times, especially if the one you’re playing with starts to develop feelings – come one guys, aren’t you the ones who invented the FWB concept in the first place? Why is it so wrong when a girl wants to use it to her advantage?

Yes, I should have seen this coming because we’ve both had feelings for one another for a very long time and perhaps if I wanted a long term play thing, I should have maybe stayed away from this particular one and chosen someone a little more distant to me. Regardless, apart from the drama that is now ensuing between us, the begging me to leave my husband, the pleading with me to get an apartment with him because we’re so great together – umm, the fucking is great, yes, still, but to give up what I have, my security, my home, my comfortable companionship? I’m not so sure, especially on a bet like this – who knows where we could be in a year, split up? I’d be homeless jumping from bed to bed trying to heal from a major mistake? I’ve seen it happen before. It’s not something I want to jump into so quickly or this soon – it still seems too soon for me to even consider this, I mean, hate me or not, I still love my husband.

Oh but my friend Mike has shown me a world I never even imagined. The man is a sex God and he’s showing me things that dowdy little me would never have thought up in a million years when it comes to sexual escapades. Who knew that sex clubs actually exist, let alone that I’d be invited to one with a hot guy!? Okay, so I went initially as his partner, just to see what it was all about. He’d never been but always wanted to go, so off we went to just observe and take the tour. Skip ahead about two months and we’re now regulars and lets just say that my sexual education has taken the advanced route. Playing safely of course but fantasy has become reality in some instances.

I’m now fairly confident in sexual play with others, both men and women and I can’t get enough. I think there was a complete slut just waiting to be unleashed within me. He gets off watching me with other guys and to have other women touching him while I’m being pleasured as well, knowing we’re both doing it in secret from our significant others? That makes it even more exciting and forbidden.

So after out first tour he asked how comfortable I would be going back with him and making out. We eased into the scene, we didn’t just drop our pants and jump on everyone, besides there are rules in the classier of these places. So we went back, we made out, things got really hot, we decided to take a private room and we had sex behind a veil of satin while hearing other people nearby doing the same. It was a pure rush, a bit embarrassing at first but once we got into it, it was easier to let it go knowing everyone else around you was being open in their pleasure too. Our next trip in, we opened the curtain a little and invited the occasional onlooker, at one point there was a guy watching us and stroking his enormous cock and I couldn’t help but watch him. His girth was amazing. So each night we went back we got more and more brave, until we were technically in an “open” room where anyone could see us but weren’t welcome to join.

So this place has a section designated for Open to Invite group activity, couples will start out there and can invite in those they choose from the crowd of onlookers, or you can get to know other couples over drinks and choose to “invite” them to an Open room. We decided to wing it. We went to an Open to Invite room, more like a round bed in an alcove with no curtain and we started making out on the bed. We stripped down and he started going down on me as people started gathering to watch us. I opened my eyes and saw my favorite voyeur standing there stroking his enormous cock again so I smiled at him and wiggled my finger for him to join us. He said his name was Adam. He was so polite, he even asked Mike if he would mind his joining in and strangely Mike didn’t mind at all.

I was enamored with that cock of his, it was so thick, thicker than Mike’s and it had these big veined ridges all over it making it rough and bumpy looking. I just had to have that in my mouth. He joined us on the bed and I don’t think I even said anything to him, I just motioned for him to come near my head as I was lying on the bed. Let me tell you, when you’ve got amazing sensations running up your spine from someone working their tongue on your clit, you don’t even hesitate to want another cock in your mouth. Adam brought his engorged manhood up to my lips and let it dangle over my face, so I immediately teased him by flicking my tongue up and tapping it. He grasped onto it and rubbed it across my lips and then as he was sliding it across my lips again, I opened them and slid my tongue out to stroke his hardness as it passed over my mouth. I felt his other hand go to my breast and start to pinch and squeeze my nipple. My pussy got wetter and Mike, whispered, “Ahhh, yess, keep that up.”

Adam kept pressing his cock to my teasing lips and tongue enjoying the sensations I was sending into him until I finally took the head of his thick beautiful cock into my mouth. He was slick with precum and it was salty but sweet on my tongue. I’d never sucked such a large member before, I had to open my mouth extra wide to swallow his girth. He guided my hand to his balls and I stroked them while I sucked gently on his massive cock. He was moaning with pleasure and I was quite proud of myself. He kept playing with my ample tits and pinching my hard nipples and Mike thoroughly appreciated what it did for him in my sweet spot. He lapped at my dripping pussy sending intense sensations throughout my whole body. To have your pussy getting serviced while having a cock in your mouth is just heaven.

I ministered to Adams enormous cock taking as much of it in as I could and gagging for the first time, this seemed to please him to no end, so I kept trying to take his enormous shaft into me as far as i could. In the meantime, Mike was ready to have his cock attended to so he crawled up toward the other side of my head and I felt it rub against the side of my face. I turned to see his beautiful smooth cock waiting for me, so I turned my head and took him in sucking him just the way he loved me to do it. I tickled the underside of his hardness with my tongue as I swallowed his cock in more comfortably than I had Adams. Adam had taken to rubbing his cock on my neck and bumping it against my face, so I decided to take them one at a time, switching back and forth from one to the other, sucking and holding onto each shaft to help guide them into my eager mouth. I felt like a porn star.

Adam eventually wanted more and he asked for permission to fuck me. He put on a condom and got some lubricant, although with how wet my pussy was, I don’t think he needed any really, regardless he was the most considerate guy in that regard. I was not prepared for feeling like a virgin again that’s for sure. He was so nice about it too. He nudged his cock up to my entrance and he slowly pushed against it, applying just a bit of pressure at a time, opening me only slightly then pulling back and letting me get used to how it felt to be spread so wide. He massaged my thighs and stroked my belly to make me more comfortable, he cooed about how beautiful I was and placed soft kisses on my inner thighs before each attempt at entering me. It was driving me wild, I just wanted to have him plunge that cock into me and I started to buck my hips toward him.

He gave me only an inch at a time, he was very practiced at this and I was begging him to just fuck me as I sucked Mike’s cock like a crazed slut. Finally he gave in and he entered me in one slow and full forward motion. Like I said, I felt like a virgin again, there was a sharp pain and almost a tearing sensation but one he popped into me, he held himself there and groaned about how tight I was. He was so amazing because he held himself fully inside of me allowing my muscles to get used to his size and relax before he started to slowly pull out. He pulled himself nearly all the way out before he pushed quickly back into me. The sensation of being filled up so full was intense and I moaned all around Mike’s cock. Mike groaned, “Oh shit, dude, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, Fuck!”

Adam began to pump harder, letting me know just how good I felt gripping his cock so tightly as he slid in and out of my slick pussy. I worked my hips to match his rhythm and soon we were fucking heavily and I was so focused on the fucking, I was barely sucking Mike’s cock. Mike was intently watching Adam’s thick member sliding in and out of my cunt as he rubbed his manhood across my mouth. I had my eyes closed in heaven, moaning like a whore as this complete stranger fucked me like I’d never been fucked in my entire life.

With each thrust I could hear my pussy juices squirting around his girth and the depth he was getting with each thrust made me want to cry out, instead I just wantonly moaned and he loved it. He held my hips and mercilessly fucked me until I could feel my climax building deep inside me. I started tossing my head back and forth, mumbling incoherently until I knew I was about ready to cum and then I just shouted out, “Ohhhh fuck yesss, here I cummmm!”  Adam shouted, “Yes, baby, cum for me, ahhh fuck, cum for me, squeeze my cock, babe!”

My pussy started clamping down so tight around him I thought he’d get stuck inside of me! He moaned and groaned as my body shook and I contracted all around his enormous cock, yelling out cries of pure ecstasy. Mike in the meantime was stroking his own cock, rubbing the tip against my chin, my cheek and jacking himself as I came harder than he’d ever seen me cum before.

It wasn’t much longer before I felt Adam’s cock start to twitch inside of me and seem to grow larger. He was grunting now lost in his thrusts, fucking me with abandon. He grunted louder and said, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” and I heard myself say, “Oh fuck, yes, give it to me baby! fuck!” He plowed his thick cock into me deeply and I began to twitch as his cum filled up the condom deep inside of me. He moaned and rocked his pelvis against mine trying to bury his cock and balls into me.

I was completely  enjoying the sensation of this stranger cumming inside of me when Mike started to groan loudly and rub his cock hard against my lips. I opened my mouth slightly and ran my tongue across the bottom of his now rock hard cock and he shouted out as he began to cum on my face. I had a hot load of spunk land on my chin, a jet across my cheek and another directly between my lips on my tongue. He was far from done though, he kept brushing his cock against my face as he shot load after load of thick white cum across my face and into my hair. It was the most I’d ever seen him cum.

When we are all done and expended, we thanked Adam and invited him to join us the next time we came to the club. He happily agreed. I couldn’t wait…but that’s another story for another day……